mooncat EP

by pomes

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thank you dave r, cheryl l, river r, tom u, andrew t, andrew m, erica w, mingjia, and our families


released April 5, 2019

written & performed by pomes
recorded & mixed by river radcliffe
produced by pomes & river radcliffe
mastered by tom upjohn
cover art & design by mingjia

pomes is kieran smyth, jeremy hucal,
thomas hainbuch, and ben green


all rights reserved



pomes Toronto, Ontario

blending the naturalistic folk sounds of the east coast of canada with the progressive, industrial sounds of toronto, pomes’ sound is an infusion of country/folk, jazz, and math-rock.

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Track Name: mooncat
death is a mountain i'm climbing
i've been there in my dreams
carry my name in your suitcase
bring it to better things

just where are you going
the trees are my best friends
even if they all stop growing
i'll see them in the end

crawl in a cloud for comfort
with the waves run wild at your back
now is not the time for thinking
because the moments begin to stack

mooncat crawling through clouds
morning turns my blood into water
pick up all your silly mouths
talk to your inaudible fathers
Track Name: if the skies were the seas
if the skies were the seas i would be swimming
all bent at the knees, isn't it fitting
if my eyes aren't in ties with your loving
then don't call me your lover

i've been cheating death for a while now
but i still don't know my mistress' name
just like life before, but it don't feel the same

if your love can't make it through the winter
then don't call me your lover
i was on my knees for you
i was on my knees for you

but if your feelings are so let my love be your shroud
and if you think what you feel would you say it out loud
just like life before, but i love it somehow

i just my fall enough
to fall for you
and with enough luck
you'll fall for me too

i'm not quite tall enough
to shelter you
but with enough luck
the rain will stop soon
Track Name: everything is fucked
i reckon i came 'cause you asked me to show
but you're the only one 'round here i know
i don't know what i was thinking
'cause everyone is drunk and i'm not drinking

everything is fucked so let's get stoned
cursing all the cracks from which we've grown
i guess i needed someone to talk to
i guess i got some things i need to talk through
if you don't mind

waking home into the night
laughing to my shoes in the streetlight
& if this is how it was meant to be
then why would i ever need to worry
at all

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